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The scenic vistas of this landscape art and the legacy of its creator, Harvey Fite, are being challenged by a persistent feud and a big fence.

7/31/2021 11:58:17 AM

A video installation by Wu Tsang with Beverly Glenn-Copeland is part of a series of shows with a shared political charge, a taste of what can be.

7/30/2021 8:59:38 AM

Max Levai joins the migration of gallerists to Long Island’s East End, presenting the overlooked Surrealist Renate Druks.

7/29/2021 12:23:25 PM

Hundreds of artists entrusted thousands of works to a company, the Artist Pension Trust, on the promise of sharing in sale proceeds, but many say they haven’t heard anything for years.

7/27/2021 1:03:38 PM
Appointments and Executive Changes

Will turbulent times end at the Museum of Arts and Design, where a rapid turnover of executives and visions has thrown the institution into disarray?

7/27/2021 4:37:48 PM

The French delegation in Rome is staging some of the city’s boldest public art projects. The latest, by the street artist JR, cuts like an X-ray into the mission’s sumptuous offices.

7/29/2021 2:50:18 AM

As director, he oversaw Frank Gehry’s reimagining of the historic 1928 building and dealt with an institution reeling from reports of abusive behavior on the part of museum managers.

8/1/2021 12:15:52 PM

The curators, as well as conservators and other staff, are looking to join a local of the United Auto Workers.

7/30/2021 2:59:09 PM

With Milton Glaser, Ed Sorel and Seymour Chwast, he was part of a movement that upended the ’50s era advertising style with witty, faux-nostalgic imagery.

8/1/2021 1:51:20 PM

The Los Angeles art dealer Douglas Chrismas has surrendered to the F.B.I. and a trial date has been set for September.

7/29/2021 5:29:26 PM